If your aim is to promote a certain product, service or your company as a brand, then, a Video Commercial is probably the way to go. Commercials are often short but powerful video shorts, meant to overwhelm and seduce the viewer in a very exquisite and determined way. The time available is short, so every second produced, endorses careful planning and realization.

Each commercial has its very own identity. Whether this being a fast and catchy sequence of images, a little slapstick or a sleek graphical animation, the main goal is to get the viewer to remember the product. In whichever way you choose to do it, is very much dependant on the audience you're targeting or the effect you want to achieve, but the originality, the quality and the cohesiveness of your add will definitely determine the success it will have.


Having great content (images, video etc.) doesn't necessarily guarantee a great end video product, able to capture and influence your target audience. Meeting today's high standards of television and the advertising world, demand proper skills and the understanding of complex imaging and media requirements. We have these skills, therefore always delivering a great final result, and free of the commonly overlooked technical artifacts.

Whichever channel you choose, either the present social media options such as Facebook and Youtube, a commercial on internet, cinema or national television, we are the perfect partner for you to realize your images. We offer you the 'tools' you need to visually support your business from A to Z with today's demanding standards and quality.

Feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities and get clear, easy to understand information while never losing site of budget constraints.

:: Hi 'Internet op je laptop' _ KPN :: Full edit video commercial

2D animation : 3D animation : motion tracking : compositing

2 min

:: Hi Commercial _ AFTER & BEFORE - SUNSHADE ::

video editing : 2D animation

50 sec

On the video above you can see how Kontravision made use of Motion Tracking to seamlessly integrate the Sunshades in the scene... The video underneath let's you take a closest look into all the elements used for the 3D realization of this commercial's final scene.

:: Hi Commercial _ THE ELEMENTS ::

video editing : 2D animation

1:50 min