Narrow Casting, known also as Silvercasting, is defined as; the transmission of video programming to a narrow group of viewers or a niche audience with characteristics specific to a certain area, time of the day, geographical area or eventually a certain type of brand.

A restaurant being advertised on a Hotel chain's private channel, a product installation being presented on a CD-Rom or a video posted online, these are all great examples of Narrow Casting. You may remember seeing advertisements being screened on a LCD monitor while you are travelling to your next appointment on your city tram? So, you probably get the idea.

Narrow Casting is very appropriate for all types of trainings and other educational programs, and it can even be meant to (internally) communicate company "upgrades", or technical developments inside of a certain business type or merely a call to a certain type of action to be taken by workers or employees.

In any case, these types of informative programs are very similar to corporate videos, with the main difference being the type of public or customer - that is carefully pre-selected, and the type of channel where it ends up being broadcasted.

Additionally, if you are a reseller wanting to distribute a product to your clients, the use of a video as a manual, (instruction videos), is not only very effective but also practical and can provide substantial cost reductions over say print.


Try to imagine the benefits of smooth, quick and lower cost distribution, more effective text and graphic visuals, the increased amount of course offerings to a more diverse group of learners or clients and also having the opportunity of instantly approaching newly employed co-workers. These are only a few of the many possibilities that Narrow Casting can offer you.

If you are considering or wish to explore the use of Narrow Casting, let us know, as we can help you materialize your ideas into professional video programs. We will be glad to guide you through developing a program which captivates, is interesting, with great informative content and innovative. All of course is delivered with superior high quality of image and graphics.

Looking forward to working with you on your next project!

:: Amsterdam _ City Channel - part 2/3 ::

video editing : audio mixing : 2D graphics : color correction

5 min

These two videos highlight how the combination of professional camera work and video editing, can result in a slick viewing experience without being too fancy. Video shots blended into a pleasurable video-cut, smoothed out by great feel-good audio delivered a targeted message which we're sure you'll also enjoy as much as we do. See our video work also at www.city-channel.nl

:: Amsterdam _ City Channel - part 3/3 ::

video editing : audio mixing : 2D graphics : color correction

5 min

:: P. G. C. Hajenius _ City Channel ::

video editing : audio mixing : 2D graphics : color correction

2:19 min

Another example on Narrow Casting's usability and on how it easily can find its way to the viewer.