Motion Tracking, (also known as 'match moving'), makes it possible to scan perspective and motion out of an original piece of video footage. From the moment you extract this information, the possibilities of introducing 3D elements into the original footage become endless.

It allows, for example, us to create compositions in which self created images, effects and 3D objects can exactly mimic the original footage motion. All the components, original and newly created, become seamlessly integrated in the original footage. Motion tracking data can also be used to stabilize a video shot.

If you have questions related to Motion Tracking, whether you are still in a primary concept phase or have a final concept in your hands, please feel free to contact us. We are available 7 days a week, ready to listen and answer any questions you might have, providing you with a feasible quote based on any type of requirement or budget.

We offer a full suite of architectural 3D services including motion tracking, technical construction details or simple modeling, coupled with a wide range of video services from narrow casting to full video commercials - makes Kontravision your ideal partner to bring to life all your concepts and ideas.

:: Hi Commercial _ AFTER & BEFORE ::

video editing : 2D animation

23 sec

This After & Before video shows the result achieved with the use of Motion Tracking to scan the original video footage. De video shows de result obtained by using a combination of different techniques such as 'motion tracking', 'keyframing', 'color correction' & 'digital compositing'. Underneath you can see the whole original video commercial.

:: Hi Commercial 'Internet op je laptop' _ KPN :: Full commercial

2D animation : 3D animation : motion tracking : compositing

2 min