Motion graphics are, in simple terms, digital images placed into a virtual 2D or 3D world, enhanced by the illusion of motion and depth. With the help of 'keyframes' that are basically placed on a timeline, Kontravision is able to move a full world of titles, logos, or photographs for you and drag your clients into a new world of ingenious creativity with almost no limits.


The world of motion graphics remains one of the richest in possibilities when it comes to camera movements, 3D elements and integrating video footage in multiple layers. With all these possibilities plus our graphical talent and creativity we ensure you to always stand out among your competitors.

Also, the costs remain often tamed, as whole casts, cameras, audio professionals, figurants and actors are not explicitly needed. Well thought originality and creativity can exchange all those into a stunning and unforgettable visual experience. If you have a reduced budget where the use of actors for instance would be unthinkable, or even if you are looking for a cutting edge animation with a great sense of movement and perspective, motion graphics is one of the best choices to make.

Let Kontravision help you out with defining a perfect way to 'light up' your idea, making your business stand out and on the road to increasing revenues. Contact us for some personalized advice, and we can have you out there with one of the greatest tools, ready to have competitors stand up and take notice.

:: Realness Festival _ AllAboutUsFilmFactory ::

2D animation : audio mixing

18 sec

2D animation used as illustration and promotion of the Realness Festival, a festival with workshops and films for and about the young and their REAL thoughts and concerns. An initiative of Anna Spohr.

:: 'Buurtproeftuin' _ Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam ::

2D animation

10 sec

A simple example of motion graphics displayed on the shopwindows of Bijenkorf shopping mall in Amsterdam, and used with the intention of highlighting the winning projects from the 'Academie van Bouwkunst' students.