2D floor plans are a very effective marketing tool, which visually structures and organizes the elements contained in a certain space, becoming much easier to inspire potential buyers and giving the "wow" factor to your presentations.

Also the graphic impact achieved by any 3D plan, enables any viewer to understand the image much faster than through 2D plans, architecture blueprints, complicated diagrams and or CAD files. While a 2D floor plan may enhance the understanding of technical schematics, 3D elevations of a floor plan add a great sense of volume to the spaces in question.

Another benefit of 2D and 3D ground plans is the ability of helping designers and architects in further developing, feeling and improving the use of space in a new building. With the growth of architectural projects, layers may add up and small details become difficult to notice. Here is where the translation of a ground plan to a 2D or a 3D model becomes a great way to add depth to presentations and summarize detail, while making it a true breath for architects to communicate their ideas to clients.


When wanting to be certain that everyone is talking about the same plan, then engaging Kontravision to provide you with a textured ground plan is the right decision to take. Within a blink of an eye, the height of rooms, heating installations, all become obvious, what promptly steers decision making to another level.

Further, any brochure or flyer will become very distinct, providing not only important information in a way which is definitely easier to understand by everybody, but also by effectively boosting your Real Estate property promotion or virtually any marketing proposition.

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You can also get in touch with us if you are contemplating the possibilities of a walkthrough video to provide your clients with a virtual travel into your newly developed property.

We invite you to take the opportunity to evaluate how we could help, for instance, by creating a 2D or 3D animation to promote your brand or add a completely new look to your company logo.