In the design process of a building it can be necessary to highlight some critical construction details. For instance, to convince the principal of its qualities, or to show the builder how things fit together. For an Architect, the ability to communicate the important aspects of its project to his contractor is of great importance.

But not all architecture offices have a team of 3D workers at immediate disposal. Where your team lacks these specialised skills, consider what Kontravision has to offer you - we're here to assist!


Whether you're an Architect, an Artist or a Product Designer, all we need are your project sketches or CAD drawings. We can develop and deliver both single and full sets of renders, ready to illustrate any type of technical detail and ensure 100% clear communication between you, the architect or designer, and the 'builder'.

Ultimately, the value of clear communication cannot be overstated. Only in true partnership can we ensure quality improvement, better planning and great results, which delivers an end product with value.

So, if you are planning to expose your project highlighted by a set of high quality 3D construction details, to support any type of technical or architectonic or modeling project, let us know, as we definitely can assist you with a targeted solution best suited for your project and your clients' needs.

Construction Details can be presented as 'cutting sections' and are a great help in showing how various elements interact with each other. Above is an example of a cutting section, this construction detail can be used in several promoting ways. But it is especially effective in providing better understanding of technical illustrations. Also, the correct use of materials is also a crucial factor for selling your product. The underneath image shows the usage of a material, galvanized metal. We achieved our goal of making it look convincing and realistic.

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