Professionals such as Architects and Designers, can easily translate the appearance of a building just from the reading of two-dimensional drawings and simple floor plans.

On the other hand, for those of us less familiar with graphics may have difficulty or at least be challenged to capture this same vision. For this reason and with the use of advanced computer graphics and the latest 3D rendering techniques, Kontravision offers 3D architectural rendering services to help you to communicate your idea to the project stakeholders.

3D renderings are of immense benefit in allowing the client to visualize the model's look in addition to the standard 2D layouts and presentations.


The importance of a proper visualization extends itself much further than just having a nice image of the intended object. 3D models provide an outstanding control tool for all type of construction details.

While going from 2D drawings to 3D Models, collision mistakes can easily be identified in the modeling stage. For example, stairs may not fit the way they should, a window can be missing or wrong measurements could create the collision of some model parts.

Being able to foresee design pitfalls or making esthetical changes before even going to production, immediately pays back the cost of a 3D visualization. If these errors are only uncovered at the building site, the price to repair, or completely re-do, can easily be tenfold the price of a 3D visualization.

Additionally, the support that Kontravision can provide to you on modeling architectural visualizations or other modeling projects, will soon prove to be a worthwhile investment – assistance in the design process and helpful feedback, all aid towards cohesiveness of your project.


3D renders have proven to be extremely helpful when it comes to illustrating your project effectively to potential buyers. If converting sales leads or closing sales deals is one of your goals, our experience is that digital imagery can make all the difference.

A positive digital representation of your project - be it moving or still images - will soon have you reaping the rewards. Remember the age old adage "Pictures tell a thousand stories" - it's a proven fact that we humans are drawn to images.

If you are planning to make your project available by using print, broadcast video, web or other type of multimedia solutions, you should contact us.

For any questions regarding to your current or upcoming project, we are always happy to help develop and materialize great ideas!

Our services at Kontravision also include 3D walkthroughs, DVD presentations, video commercials, modeling and animations.

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:: De Weverij - Nijmegen _ Huys te Voorn Vastgoed ::

3D modeling : 3D rendering : digital compositing

Developer Huys te Voorn Vastgoed entrusted us the digital realization of their 52 starters apartments project in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The architect's office Vormgeving Advies & Bouwmanagment provided us with the 2D design drawings, which we used for the 3D building-up and modeling of the whole apartments complex.

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