Miguel Jaspers

Creative Director

Over 15 years experience working as a freelance video-editor for the television preproduction and postproduction world, of which some of the highlights are: "Man Bijt Hond", "Eigen Huis en Tuin", "Veronica Live", "De Bruiloft van", "Yourin Travel", "5 in't Land" and many others.

This experience provided a solid technical background in the realm of video and digital images. Some years ago I began focusing my interest and energy towards further revealing the 'secrets' hidden in the field of 3D visuals.

Since my network also included professionals in the area of Architecture, this was the turning point and perfect opportunity to explore the world as a 3D artist.

Commercial Director

Michael is a seasoned logistics professional with a flare for fostering long term business relationships. Academically trained in both International logistics & Supply Chain as well as being a qualified Customs Broker (Australia & Europe).

After holding several senior positions in Australia, and the UK within the Logistics sector and then self employed with a very successful Financial Services and Construction business - Michael re-located to The Netherlands for family reasons and has teamed up with Kontravision.

He uses his natural ability to drive business and build strong rapport with new and existing customers and is an 'out of the box' thinker who will identify solutions that perhaps were not obvious before. His win-win attitude and philosophy ensures success where all parties are happy.


What is Kontravision?

Kontravision has organically grown into the area of both video-editing and 3D visualizations. Being a small big-company, the approach used is basically professional, dedicated, flexible and personal.

Kontravision can materialize a wide array of media solutions ranging from corporate videos to 3D visualizations, animations or instruction videos, DVD's, video presentations and commercials.

The name Kontravision stands for 'the other/visual side of your ideas'. Whether you want to sell a product or a service for your business, this is where Kontravision can help you realize 'it', by creating the images, animations, videos or graphics you need.

We help our clients transform what often starts as an 'idea' into a professional digital end product.

How Kontravision does it?

It is well known that the combination of visual and textual information forms a strong and effective marketing communication tool. Visuals combined with supporting text or spoken dialog drastically improves the ability of memorizing the information carried over to the viewer.

Here is where Kontravision uses its expertise, creativity and media solutions to effectively filter, organize and stylize the client's message. The result? A final purposeful communication medium!

Unfortunately, projects are sometimes limited by a certain budget. Also on lower budget situations Kontravision will use all its creative and technical expertise to realize your idea on a viable budget-effective way. Always aiming for the best product!

If you have a question, want some advice or support to you or your business, or if you have a simple idea or thought that you would like to discuss, don't hesitate on contacting us. Kontravision is looking forward to meet you!

Miguel Jaspers